Services Offered

My massage style has been described by clients as intuitive, therapeutic, holistic, integrative and detailed. Over the years my massage style has evolved to be a deeply therapeutic, intuitive, integrative and relaxing experience. I enjoy watching the “ripple effect” as I connect with clients to help them achieve body-mind balance. I specialize in Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Relaxation, Maternity,  Gua Sha (for myofascial release), Cupping Therapy and Reiki.

 Appointments are from  60, 90 or 120 minutes. Please call  or contact us for current rates.

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Keep up with the physical demands on your body by addressing them on a regular basis before they become problematic. 



Slow and progressive deep pressure is applied to your tolerance.  An effective treatment for relaxing tight muscles and connective tissue, easing chronic pain, reducing scar tissue, deactivating trigger points and relieving stress.



Light to medium pressure is applied in long, flowing strokes to relax the body and the mind. 



A mother’s body goes through a lot of change in a small amount of time. Massage during pregnancy can ease common aches and pains associated with a rapidly changing posture. Massage is also a great way to reduce stress and anxiety that go along with becoming a mother. 



Cupping is a therapeutic technique that has been practiced in various cultures for thousands of years. I practice static and moving/massage cupping for myofascial release, lymph drainage and muscle pain relief. The cups are placed on the area of concern for up to 20 minutes. During this time the negative pressure vacuum lifts the tissues to improve circulation, relaxing tense muscles and connective tissue.  The resulting “mark” can last for a few days and is a controlled bruising that encourages blood flow and promotes healing to the area. Cupping can be added to any session or a treatment on its own. 



Rooted in Chinese medicine and practiced throughout Asia, gua sha is translated to “rub out the sha”.  Sha is produced when the regular flow of qi/energy and blood becomes stagnant or blocked, resulting in pain.This traditional practice dates back more than 700 years and has been used to treat many acute and chronic health problems including colds and flu, fever, headache, indigestion, dizziness, injury, joint pain, fibromyalgia and heat exhaustion.

I use this technique for treating tight, painful and tired muscles. It is really effective for relaxing muscles quickly.  Some clients may be shocked by redness (petechiae) or bruising accompanied with gua sha, thinking that the tissues have been damaged. This is actually the result of releasing the irritant toxins that cause pain, bringing them to the surface to be removed. In this process inflammation and pain from the superficial and deeper levels of the body are reduced to aide in healing.

REIKI (Energy Work)


Reiki was started in Japan as a healing practice to promote relaxation and reduce stress. It is thought that when the unseen life force energy that flows through each one of us, is out of balance we tend to get sick, feel stressed, unhappy and stuck. By placing her hands on the client’s body, the therapist channels this universal energy thus activating the natural healing processing in the body. The result is restoration of physical and emotional wellbeing.

In general, Reiki treatments have no or limited conversation. The therapist places her hands on the body over clothing or blanket, changing locations approximately every 5 minutes. Clients report similar experiences of seeing colors, feeling a warming throughout the body, a deep feeling of relaxation and peace. Often the most amazing results are experienced after the session as the person goes about their daily activities in a serene state and feeling unstuck.

Reiki is a safe method of physical and spiritual healing and self-improvement that anyone can use regardless of religious beliefs. It can be incorporated into a regular massage session or as a stand-alone treatment.